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What The Heck Is Going On?

Hi everyone. KiKi here.

As some of you know, I’ve been quietly growing my publication empire. Some of my editors lovingly call me their Miranda Priestly. (Gaurav Jain)

If you do not know me, I am the publisher of The Memoirist and QuickTalk. Most recently, I acquired the Age of Empathy. Behind the scenes, I have also developed “The Mayhem” — which will be an invite-only Fiction publication, self-edited by our writers.

I have plans for continued multimedia growth beyond Medium, which will also fall under the Suite 1984 umbrella.

As a marketing and branding person, it is easiest for me to envision the publications under a corporate umbrella, so to speak. Therefore, to reiterate, the following publications will fall under the Suite 1984 Publishing family:

Learning Points

In my old haggard age — and through my experience in marketing and branding — there is something I have learned that I hope I can share. Our creativity is special and unique to us. But to be successful, we must also cultivate a certain sense of branding je ne sais quois.

I say je ne sais quois because nobody knows, really. It just is. If you are doing it for fun, that’s one thing. If you have a goal — well, you need to market yourself. And marketing is a whole other ballgame.

My Goal

So, I’m not even sure at this point. A lot of things happened quickly. I’m taking the next couple of days off to figure things out about Age of Empathy with managing editor Preeti Ramachandran. QuickTalk runs itself at this point. And Memoirist is in really good hands with our editors and managing editor Gaurav Jain. We are all excited about the future and the amazing content we can provide and all the amazing writers on our teams.

As we grow, it’s easier for me to have a collective corporate (for lack of a better term…ugh!) umbrella to think about things under, which probably doesn’t even affect anyone else as I don’t think unless there is “corporate” (ugh) news of some kind — you won’t really see much from this account.

Here’s What I Can Say

I am proud of our quality, diverse publications. In the future, I hope to fill in the gap with more. In the meantime, we want to be accessible and flexible, and for the writers. We are, after all, writers ourselves. This is about supporting one another.

If we can support you, let us know. But not via money. We don’t have any effing money. ;-)

I’m looking forward to all the quality content we continue to put forth together.

KiKi Walter




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KiKi Walter

KiKi Walter


Snarky Megalomaniac, Pub Pirate, & The Memoir Queen. My Publications: The Memoirist, Age of Empathy, Quicktalk, The Mayhem, and The Writing Pub.